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Nurse Mom

Nurses are some of the strongest women you can encounter. Every day they deal with patients of all kinds, some of which are nothing less than rude – but they still go through with their day and don’t let it get to them. That’s why they deserve all the respect and recognition they can get. Honestly, if your mom is a nurse, you should be proud of her.

If you’re a mom and a nurse, hats off. The things you do for your children and your patients every day should be appreciated, and you should be proud to share your occupation – and there’s probably not a better way to do it than by simply wearing a t-shirt stating that.

We have a few designs for you to choose from, including a classic tee that says “Wife, mom, nurse” and a t-shirt with “I’m a mom and a nurse, nothing scares me” written on it, which is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of humor to their wardrobe.

If your baby is currently in NICU, we have something for you too, so that you can show off how strong you are – a basic tee with “NICU mama” written on it. So, which one is it going to be?