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Softball Dad Shirts

The man. The myth. The wallet. Everyone loves a softball dad, and what’s not to love, right? You are a patient, quiet, easy-going type of softball dad, after all! You never shout and scream from the stands and have no dreamy visions of your kid turning pro next year. Of course, you don’t. The thought never entered your mind!

Never have you hung back after a game to ‘have a quick word with coach’ about your daughter’s role in the team. Your advice on how to smash a home run is right on the money and comes from a place of expertise because you played six months of slow pitch five years ago.

You are just there for a bit of fun and couldn’t care less how well your little angel performs. I mean, obviously.

Ok, so softball dads can sometimes be a little on the enthusiastic side. But the truth is, the best kind of dads are softball dads. That little angel who stole your heart the day she was born is now stealing bases, and you want the world to know just how awesome she is at it.

With our range of quirky and funny softball dad shirts, you can tell everyone that you are a fantastic dad of a freaking awesome kid.

All our softball dad shirts are a perfect pairing with a matching mug, sweatshirt, or hoody, so don’t forget to check them out. See you at the batting cage!