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LGBT Dad Shirts

We live in times where no one should be ashamed to love who they love. Although there are still places in which being gay is frowned upon or straight-up illegal, diversity should be celebrated where it can. Do you have a gay dad, or are your children gay? Well then, you will certainly love our collection that will let you show support.

For dads, we have t-shirts representing non-binary people as well as your support for your trans daughter or son. We also have t-shirts for those who want to show that they support the community even if their own parents aren’t accepting of them. For that, you have quotes like “If your parents aren’t accepting of your identity, I’m your dad now” or “I’m proud of you / Free dad hugs.”

If you are gay yourself and aren’t afraid to show it, we have t-shirts with quotes like “I’m a dad and a twink, nothing scares me.” We also have a shirt that you can wear as a couple’s shirt with your partner, with “I’m papa, he’s dad” written on it.

Now, if you’re a child of a gay dad and want to show your support to your dads, we have something for you too. You can pick from t-shirts with “My dad is gay” with the gay flag on it, “I love my two dads,” or “Proud daughter of an awesome gay dad.” The choice is yours.