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Gamer Dad Shirts

Husband, father, breadwinner…Awesome freaking gamer dad!

Being a dad isn’t easy, especially if you’re a hard-core gamer who finds it hard to swap controllers for milk bottles. Alas, being a father comes first, and you need to find that perfect balance between reading bedtime stories to your little munchkins and not missing out on your gaming fun. You are only one stage away from the boss level, after all!

It takes practice, and you have probably become an expert in multi-tasking the kiddie’s best interests, and the new Call of Duty game released just last week.

Being a gamer dad isn’t a bad thing. You get to share your wisdom with your kids, creating a bond in the process. As you start to get a little older, that multi-tasking we mentioned helps your brain stay sharper – it’s not easy, after all, rocking your baby to sleep while playing Laura Croft Tomb Raider!

What better way to hook up with your kid and enjoy a marathon gaming session than by wearing an ultra-cool, high-quality, gamer dad shirt and boy, do we have a selection for you. From Pinball Legend to Super Daddio, or Dad by Day, Games by Night, we have the lot. All designs are unique and designed by actual gamers who know the score when it comes to being a gamer dad.

Don’t forget to pair your new gamer dad shirt with a hoody, sweatshirt, or cool mug, for those fun father-and-child gaming sessions!