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7th Birthday Shirts

Ah, an easy-going childhood is the best time – eat all you want, take unlimited naps, and spend all day running and playing outdoors. But now, your baby is about to turn 7, which means school, homework, fewer naps, and new responsibilities. Time to start growing up!

What better way to tell everyone around that your kid is turning 7 than having one of many quirky 7th birthday shirts? Your child will love the fun and eye-catching design and vivid colors. Imagine walking down the street and everybody wishing good health and much happiness to your kid. He or she will be thrilled with excitement throughout the whole day.

Gifts will be flowing in, grandparents gifting money for ice cream or a new toy, and lots of smooches from relatives. It will be the best day of their life. Topped with numerous games, a tasty cake, and lots of friends spending time together.

We have another sweet idea for how to make the day even better if your kid has to attend school. Your son or daughter can wear a t-shirt from the 7th birthday collection if there are no strict rules, and get ready for special treatment at school!

Is your kid into cars, animals, cartoons, or games – we’ve got you covered. TeeHerivar offers hundreds of t-shirt designs that can be slightly customized to your preference. Go ahead and choose the catchiest print for your kid.