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70th Birthday Shirts

Wow. Quite a big one, huh? The big seven zero. Well done for making it this far in life and smashing it out of the park. But let’s be honest; you are just getting started. 70 is the new 50, and if you look around, 70-year-olds these days are completely different in spirit, at least compared to a few decades ago. These days, they can be positively rock and roll, even.

Why? Well, being 70 isn’t classed as old anymore, is it? This particular milestone makes you  senior, but while this is an age where you would once stay at home, potter around the garden, and knit a new scarf for the grandkids, that has all changed. 70-year-olds are out there today, full of verve and energy, living life to the full.

So, what to wear for the big occasion? You could go all classy and dress up for the big day in a well-thought outfit, with everything perfectly matching. Or you could say to heck with it and treat the occasion as a light-hearted giggle with one of our fabulous 70th birthday shirts!

Over here at Teeherivar, our design studio has put a lot of brain power into amusing, cheeky, playful 70th birthday t-shirts. These birthday shirts are not your usual cliche one-liners, folks. These designs are pure comedy gold. 

So have a good rummage around because we have several pages full of funny 70th birthday shirts. All types of good cheer messaging are covered!