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65th Birthday Shirts

65, you say? Pah! You are barely getting started! 65 is the new 40, don’t you know? The world is your oyster, you still have a ton of energy, and you refuse to class yourself as a ‘senior’ because the fact is, you are still a spring chicken.

65 isn’t old anymore, not really. Life is all about what you make it – the attitude you have towards it – because you get out what you are willing to put in. There are people in their 30s and 40s who are positively ancient in spirit and attitude.

On the other hand, you are full of verve and good cheer, so what better way to announce to everyone just how carefree you are than by boasting of this huge occasion with one of our witty, funny, sometimes even hilarious 65th birthday shirts?

We have the lot. Everything you can think of. From our classy leopard print large number ‘hello 65’ to a little hip-hop number ‘straight outa (birth year),’ we have all the right humor levels for all personalities.

For the math fans out there, we even have 65th birthday t-shirts that break down your years on this weird little planet into months (780), days (23,741), and even hours, minutes, and seconds!

Live a little, show the world how much fun you are to be around and grab that funny Teeherivar tee for that special occasion – who cares about acting your age and being all sensible?