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60th Birthday Shirts

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty… Actually, it doesn’t work without the ‘4’, does it? Never mind, because you are sixty, and even without that famous Beatles song ruining our category description with an odd number, this is a moment to embrace because the fact you got here is something to celebrate, don’t you think?

60 is probably the milestone of all birthday milestones, isn’t it? 30 is good, but it comes with apprehension about getting older. At 40 and 50, you are too busy to notice. But your 60th is different because you are now a wise owl who hasn’t slowed down but appreciates different things. Finer things, maybe.

With such a widely celebrated occasion, finding 60th birthday shirts to match the big day isn’t too challenging, given the ten thousand tee shirt companies online. When we started Teehrivar, options were very few for 60th birthday t-shirts online, but now, tee shirt companies are left, right, and center.

But Teeherivar is way different. We have an actual studio here at the Teeherivar HQ, where a bunch of mildly amusing wannabe standup comedians gather around a table to dream-up witty slogans for special occasions. And for this particular milestone, we think you will agree that we nailed it. Some of these 60th birthday t-shirts are quirky, some are quite funny, and others are hilarious, with a cheeky edge to most of them.

So go ahead and have a good rummage around, and don’t forget to check back in five years from now for the big six-five occasion because we have those also!