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40th Birthday Shirts

It is hard to believe that at one time, being 40 was considered quite old. Weird huh? Thankfully in this day and age, 40 is considered as being young. By this particular milestone, most of us are indeed settled with careers, mortgages, and probably a few kiddies knocking around. The average 40-year-old has the mentality and verve of a 25-year-old decades ago.

It is with that spirit that we have designed our range of 40th birthday shirts. We don’t believe in taking life too seriously at the best of times, but with this particular range of 40th birthday t-shirts, we decided to break out the giggle-factor way more than usual. These tees are not just funny but, in some cases, absolutely hilarious. Sure to raise an eyebrow!

Check them out and see for yourself. We knocked our collective comedic heads together to come up with Lordy Lordy I’m Turning 40 (we spent all day thinking of that) and even have one 40th birthday tee, which places this birthday milestone in the zombie apocalypse and nuclear winter category. I know. Weird sense of humor over here at Teeherivar. But as long as our customers continue to lap them up, we will keep cracking the corny lines, like it or not!

Know someone who is turning 40? Birthday tees are not just for the special occasion but will be something they keep forever, and if the birthday person is a loving wife, husband, or any other family member, we have 40th birthday tees covered for that also.