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30th Birthday Shirts

Well, congratulations are in order! You have successfully navigated your way through the drama of teenage life before hitting your twenties and stumbling around various bars and nightclubs, wondering where the next round of shots is coming from.

Now, look at you. All grown up and staring down the barrel of 30. The chaos of those younger years is over, and you survived in one piece. Well done, you. 

But now it’s time to grow up (just a little) because a big milestone has arrived, signifying a period in which you must settle down and get all responsible and generally switched on to being an adult in all its glory. Yuk. It’s time to embrace this fast-approaching sensible decade with open arms. Your thirties are the new twenties, don’t they say? 

What better way to launch yourself into this new decade than with one of our 30th birthday t-shirts, and our amazing store has one heck of a selection. These are not your traditional, boring, predictable birthday tees with cliched one-liners, though. The Teeherivar studio has put a lot of thought into our range of birthday shirts, sure to raise a smile or two amongst your buddies and show the world that despite being ancient, you still know how to have a giggle. 

From Level 30 Unlocked through to 30 AF, we have a ton of 30th birthday shirts for you to choose from, and don’t worry because, just like you, none of them are grown up and sensible! That’s not the Teeherivar way!