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100th Birthday Shirts

What an incredible thing the centennial birthday is. Your loved one is so massively blessed to have reached this special, rare, and quite a magical milestone in life because the simple fact is, not many people do. You probably feel blessed to know someone of such an extra special age.

Turning 100 is the benchmark birthday for a rare category of senior citizens. They usually receive extra special attention from friends and loved ones on the big day, and even local news stations like to get involved with a centennial birthday. Reaching the ripe old age of 100 is almost like breaking a record that has been around for a long time. It is super special.

It is quite unlikely that this special person is fishing around the internet, looking for amusing 100th birthday shirts to celebrate the occasion, so this is where you enter the fold and grab them something memorable. 

But there is no need to be all sensible about it! Despite common belief, centennials have a brilliant sense of humor and would love a cheeky, fun, downright playful gift to mark the big occasion. Browsing our selection of Teeherivar 100th birthday t-shirts is a great idea to do just that – a gift that will make them laugh and look incredibly cute on such an old, wise, stately person!

We have everything covered from mild humor to insanely cheeky, so have a good rummage around and make a treasured senior smile for their birthday. They deserve it!