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October Shirts

Who doesn’t love October? The leaves are starting to fall, the world is changing colors, and of course, we cannot forget about the best part of the month – Halloween. All in all, October is a pretty great month – especially if it’s your birthday.

Want to let anyone know that it’s your special day? Buy a t-shirt and wear it proudly! We have a whole collection dedicated specifically to those born in the month of October, so we’re sure everyone will find something that is up to their taste.

Want a t-shirt with a specific day of the month? No problem, we have plenty of those, such as “A king was born on October 14th. Happy birthday to me” or “ This queen was born on October 18th”.

Prefer not to have a date, just the month? That’s fine with us too! We have t-shirts with quotes like “Queens are born in October,” “October Girl,” or “October is my birthday month / Yep, the whole month.”

We also have t-shirts with years, so if you want to let everyone know what year you were born in, you will definitely find them here. Whether you were born in 1989, 1983, 1966, 1981, or some other year, you will find a t-shirt with it on our site. So, which t-shirt is it going to be?