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Birthday Shirts

Birthdays are considered an important event in most cultures. But what’s interesting is all the different celebrations worldwide for this special day.

In Australia, the occasion is always marked with Fairy Bread, and in Spain, friends and loved ones will pull your ear once for each year alive. If you think that is brutal, British folks grab your arms and legs and bump you up and down on the floor, one for each year, and in Vietnam, no one celebrates a birthday. Imagine!

In North America, we have our tradition: funny birthday shirts. For decades, we Canadians and Americans have liked to display our rich sense of humor with birthday t-shirts of the eyebrow-raising variety.

Here at Teeherivar, we covered ALL the happy birthday shirts you could imagine. Our design studio is constantly hard at work dreaming up amusing lines and exciting designs for everyone. We have birthday shirts for men, birthday shirts for women, birthday shirts for boys, and birthday shirts for girls. 

We even have unique shirts for centennials who have reached the grand old age of 100! 

Our happy birthday shirts are of excellent quality, use eco-friendly inks, and will survive many machine washes. Our carefully designed, downright hilarious birthday shirts are available to ship out to over 260 countries and will help you or a loved one stand out from the crowd.

So hello, and welcome to our store!  We are very proud of our designs and guarantee you won’t find cliches or predictable well-used messages on our shirts. Groundbreaking and innovative, funny shirts are our thing, so you are definitely at the right place!