8 Funny Halloween Shirts For Your Wife

8 Funny Hallowen Shirts For Your Wife

Many people around the world are looking forward to celebrating Halloween. This spooky holiday isn’t just about traditional celebration, exchange of nicely wrapped gifts, and an evening meal with the nearest and dearest. Halloween is all about genius creativity, freedom, self-expression, and madness!

That’s why the officially spooky season encourages many people to surprise others and have much fun! Ghosts, ghouls, spiders, pumpkins, skeletons, vampires, creepy costumes, and crazy parties can’t leave one indifferent. Add some flair to your routine, and get ready for Halloween with us.

Whether you are a true Halloween lover or just want to have fun with your family and pick the best present for your missis, you are at the right place. Brace yourself and check out the list of the top funniest Halloween tees for your wife.

Bloody Pizza Halloween Shirt

Bloody Pizza Horror Movies Costume Funny Food Halloween Gift Shirt

The first Halloween shirt on the list is not only about a great new item for your wife but also about a call to action! Make the atmosphere special for both of you:

  • Buy this fancy T-shirt.
  • Prepare the best horror films for the movie night.
  • Order her favorite pizza.

The list is short, but be sure your wife will be on cloud nine with such an eye for detail!

Hex The Patriarchy Halloween T-Shirt

Hex The Patriarchy Purple Skull Shirt

This Halloween shirt is a perfect variant for all feminists. And the spooky holiday is a perfect time to express yourself to the fullest.

Every woman has those witchy vibes at times, so pick your wife’s favorite color, choose the right size and add the T-shirt to your cart. TeeHarivar guarantees exceptional quality and design excellence, so your wife will definitely enjoy the garment.

Pumpkin Face Halloween Shirt

Pumpkin Face Football Costume Easy Sports Halloween Gift Shirt

We couldn’t avoid including the one with the pumpkin print in the list of women’s Halloween tees. By the way, do you know why people carve pumpkins for Halloween? Here’s a short story.

Pumpkins originate from an old Irish legend about Stingy Jack, who insidiously tricked the Devil on several occasions. After Jack’s death, God didn’t let him into heaven, and the Devil didn’t want to let him into hell, so poor Jack was doomed to wander the earth forever.

First, people started to carve jack-o’-lanterns out of turnips to ward off Jack’s wandering soul in Ireland. Later on, Irish immigrants who moved to the U.S began to do the same with pumpkins, which offered more space for carving and were native to that region.

Pumpkins are an integral part of Halloween. So this shirt is a must-have for your beloved wife!

Disney Hocus Pocus Halloween T-Shirt

Disney Hocus Pocus Halloween Sanderson Sisters Spell On You Shirt

Disney Hocus Pocus Halloween T-Shirt is the next among the top funny Halloween shirts for women.

The T-shirt will immediately become your wifey’s favorite. The bright print is a perfect choice for a home party with friends. By the way, are you sure your wife hasn’t put a spell on you yet?

I Need Coffee To Focus Halloween Shirt

Hocus Pocus Shirt I Need Coffee To Focus Halloween Witch Shirt

The end of October is a perfect time for cozy walks with hot takeaway coffee somewhere in a beautiful park. This T-shirt is not only a great Halloween gift for your wife but also a part of an excellent autumn outfit.

TeeHerivar not only satisfies the needs of each aspiring fashionista but also generates a green way of manufacturing. Pick this shirt with a funny slogan, whip up spooky cookies, carve pumpkins and enjoy the holiday!

Trick Or Treat Halloween T-Shirt

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Halloween Trick Or Treat Shirt

Trick-or-treating is a favorite ritual of Halloween lovers. There is so much fun in dressing up in the most extravagant clothes and going door-to-door for treats.

The first trick-or-treating is attributed to ancient Celts. However, the earliest tradition-followers disguised themselves in nothing else than costumes made of animal skins! This way, they drove phantom visitors away.

Fortunately, everything has changed. Modern costumes are diverse and interesting. Don’t hold back and purchase this funny Trick or Treat Halloween T-Shirt for your wife and become a part of the beautiful tradition.

What We Do In The Shadows Halloween Shirt

What We Do In The Shadows Group Photo Halloween Classic Shirt

There is no funnier series to watch for Halloween than “What We Do in the Shadows.” If your wife has already done it, this T-shirt is a perfect choice! If not, prepare popcorn and get ready to open her a new level of humor!

She’ll definitely fall in love with the movie about four crazy vampires who’ve “lived” together for hundreds of years in Staten Island.

Meow I Mean Boo Halloween Shirt

Meow I Mean Boo Halloween Shirt

This funny and cute T-shirt is one more perfect gift for your boo-tiful wife. Available in seven colors and all possible sizes, the shirt can become a part of both an excellent Halloween costume and casual wear.

Add this one (and maybe some more T-shirts) to your cart and surprise your love with a great present.

The Bottom Line

Halloween is a perfect holiday to surprise your nearest and dearest with unusual presents. With this list of funny Halloween T-shirts for your wife, you don’t need to spend hours thinking about what gift to choose.

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Moreover, with TeeHerivar, you’ll get plenty of perks. For example, you can buy two items and get 5% off, four items and get 10% off, or six items and get an incredible 15% off! So don’t delay and choose the best funny Halloween shirts for your wife.